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Peter Sanderson
April, 2014

I work for a local authority and have spent several years encouraging reluctant residents to recycle. More recently I have been working with the Environment Protection team within the council to help local industries avoid releasing dust and chemical pollutants into the air. However, at heart I...

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  • This journal provides a detailed look at the energy mix in the UK and how legal reform and international policies will affect energy production in the future, with case studies on renewable energy...
  • Heritage is a broad discipline that draws together environmental specialists from a significant range of backgrounds. Environmental scientists have a significant role to play in preserving, enhancing...
  • This journal provides a comprehensive review the UK's environmental regulatory landscape and explains how regulation has benefited the UK environment. It describes the motivations behind the...
  • This journal investigates the environmental legislation emanating from the EU and the effects it has on the UK's environmental professionals. It includes opinions about the potential...
  • This journal summarises the state of the air quality profession and asks the question "should we have achieved more". Broadly speaking, the articles have three themes: a retrospective...

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This document outlines our commitment to eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity amongst our workforce.

This document governs the treatment of data by staff, volunteers, Council and Members.

Lays down the ethical and professional standards by which Members should abide. The Code applies to all Professional Members, irrespective of the professional role they fulfil.

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  1. Soot concentration as a measure of air quality
  2. The role of soot in climate change
  3. Ways to measure soot concentration, including black carbon and elemental carbon
  4. Defra network measurements of black carbon and elemental carbon
  5. A possible regulated metric?